Autumn 2015

Genie® GS™-69 line now comes with proportional lowering

Monday 16 February 2015 @ 14:46

Traditionally the Genie® GS™-90 line of scissor machines has been synonymous with ‘proportional’ (or variable) lowering speed.

This is set to change with the entire GS-69 line now in production with proportional lowering. This includes all DC, Bi-Energy, and IC models with Smartlink and Delta Tech control systems.

The modification to the GS-69 family was a direct result of customer feedback. Moreover the changes were only finalised after the Genie engineering team invested many months in finding a suitable solution, which will be integrated into new GS-69 machines, and those already operating in the field.

Retrofit kits will be available for purchase through the Genie Parts Department from the end of January 2015. The retrofit procedure takes about an hour for the first machine, and once a technician has some experience, it can be completed in as little as 20-30 minutes.

This solution will prove a welcome change for Genie customers globally, as it will enhance the performance of GS-69 machines, particularly the 40 foot models.

To find out more about the enhancement to the Genie GS-69 line call Tech Support 1800 331 660 or to order retrofit kits call Parts Department 1800 788 633.