Summer 2014

Genie Launches Rugged Lighting Towers

Monday 20 January 2014 @ 11:13

Genie has released two rugged lighting towers, specifically designed for tough work on Australian work sites. The Genie® AL™6 series lighting towers are wholly Australian designed and manufactured in Sydney.

There are two AL6 light tower models available, the 6000 watt Genie AL6-6000 and 9000 watt Genie AL6-9000. Both feature a compact chassis, Kubota® diesel engine, retractable drawbar and hydraulic mast. Where applications require, mine specification and hydraulic outriggers are also available as an option.

When fully extended, the mast height of the AL6-6000 light tower reaches 8.40 m high. When retracted and stowed, the overall height of the trailer is just 2.3 m. Total weight for towing is approximately 1500 kg. A 160 litre fuel tank provides sufficient diesel fuel for approximately 70 hours of continuous operation.



 model AL6-6000 AL6-9000
Lamps Metal Halide 4 x 1500W 6 x 1500W
Height (mast fully extended) 8.40 m 9.45 m
Height (mast lowered) 2.30 m 2.30 m
Length (drawbar retracted) 2.50 m 3.55 m
Length (drawbar extended) 3.25 m 4.05 m
Width 1.80 m 1.80 m
Ground clearance 0.28 m 0.28 m

Genie Al6 Series Lighting Tower