Spring 2014

Genie announces an update to its existing SmartLink™ control system

Tuesday 23 September 2014 @ 10:13

genie industry smartlink system SmartLink is a set of features for Genie® products that provides new capabilities such as on-board diagnostics and troubleshooting. The SmartLink system provide end users with intuitive and easy-to-use controls that are common across all SmartLink units, making operation easy with proportional controls.

Driven by customer feedback, the SmartLink system upgrade includes a new, simplified platform controller user interface, as well as additional functionality such as proportional lift and control on the joystick. The upgrade will also reduce hand fatigue by replacing the “push and hold” with a “momentary push” button to begin lifting on the joystick. To make user experience even easier on existing machines, the upgrade may be quickly retrofitted in the field.

smartlink genie upgrade enchancement “The SmartLink upgrade is a clear example of how we continuously improve our products to provide additional value to our customers,” said Brad Lawrence, General Manager, Genie Australia. “Early customer feedback has been enthusiastically received.”

The SmartLink system, first introduced in 2011, allows customers to interact with the machine’s diagnostics directly on the unit without any additional tools. Advanced diagnostics can be obtained by simply connecting a standard laptop to the machine with an ethernet cable. For customers, this solves the most difficult portion of troubleshooting a unit and is also unique to Genie products.

The SmartLink system upgrade applies to Genie® scissor and portable products that use the SmartLink control system including the GR, GRC, QS , slab scissors and GS69DC/BE scissors.

All SmartLink Control System production will incorporate this new functionality. Retrofit kits will be available in Australia from October.