Autumn 2015

Genie expands its customer support in Darwin as Inpex moves to next stage

Monday 16 February 2015 @ 14:08


Genie has opened a new support facility in Darwin, located at 33 McCourt Road, Yarrawonga, adjacent to Palmerston.

The establishment of the Darwin facility is a response to the growing economic importance of northern Australia, according to Mitch Ely, National Operation Manager Terex AWP, and it coincides with stage 2 of the INPEX Ichthys LNG Project.

Ichthys represents the largest discovery of hydrocarbon liquids in Australia in 40 years. As a consequence, the Ichthys LNG Project is currently in construction and is ranked among the most significant oil and gas projects in the world. Mitch said, “Inpex is finishing the civil works and now the mechanical aspects of the project are commencing such as the plumbing, piping and the framework, which will involve large numbers of machines, including Genie® products.”

He added, “With Ichthys ramping up, it makes sense that we have a product support facility in the region that will be operated by qualified technicians, skilled in our entire product line.”

The Darwin facility will provide on the ground service support and parts for the current fleet of approximately 300 Genie® units in the Top End. “In the past Darwin customers purchased parts from the southern states.

The freight charges where often expensive, and it added lead times for our customers,” said Mitch. “Indeed, no one has ever maintained a ready supply of parts in this region. The fact we will have a parts store, which enables our customers to make over-the-counter purchases is a game changer for access hire companies in this region.”

The Darwin branch of Genie will have experienced Field Service Technician, Rodger Alford assisting customers. Rodger is relocating from Western Australia, where he built an exceptional reputation as a mine site operator following long stints in the Pilbara. “Rodger’s Pilbara experience will stand him in good stead, making him the perfect Service Technician for our Darwin branch,” said Mitch. Joab Coyne has worked closely with Genie for more than nine years providing Genie Field Service to the region, and he will continue in his business as usual, operating within the new branch.

“We’re thrilled that we will be offering our renowned customer support in Darwin, especially given the exciting economic prospects for northern Australia.”