Summer 2014

On-Line Training - First in Australia

Monday 20 January 2014 @ 13:26

Genie technical training has just become easier to access with the launch of Genie on-line training. This is another first for Australia and is great help to customers operating in remote and distant locations.

In the access industry, Genie is absolutely committed to product training. Genie is proud to be the first aerial work platform manufacturer in Australia to offer on-line training. The new e-learning program utilizes a combination of video, animation and narration to create an interactive learning environment.

Each program is easy to follow and can be paced by the viewer to suit their own circumstances. The initial on-line training offerings from Genie include introductory electrical, hydraulic and machine inspection courses. All courses are available to registered customers and can be accessed 24/7 for the ultimate in convenience. This allows technicians to train at their own pace.

According to Reg Moss, National Service Manager at Genie, the new on-line service training delivers significant benefits and cost savings to Genie customers.

“Our on-line training allows technicians in remote locations to undertake Genie specific training without having to travel away from their work location,” Reg Moss said.

“This is the most efficient way to train technicians, both in terms of cost and time. It also means that when technicians participate in a Genie face-to-face training session, all the basics have been covered.”

Following the successful launch of the three introductory training modules, Genie is preparing an additional 20 training topics to expand the program further.


How it works

  1. Purchase a seat from Genie Training
  2. Receive your unique login code
  3. Login and commence training
  4. Achieve minimum 80% grade Certificate issued
  5. You can now attend Genie face-to-face Service Training at Genie

Who Should Sign Up

These courses are expressly designed for

  • Service technicians, mechanics, fitters and senior service staff
  • Technicians who are new to the Access industry 
  • Technicians with existing workshop and field experience who would like to extend their knowledge on Genie products

Technicians will be required to complete certain modules prior to attending face-to-face training. This ensures that Genie face-to-face training focuses on technical content, rather than going over basic knowledge.

Call our Training team on 1800 331 660 to register.