Winter 2016

All West Plant Hire Expands with Genie

Thursday 31 March 2016 @ 13:30

Established in 2005, the Allwest Plant Hire is well-regarded in Western Australia as a hire provider of heavy earthmoving plant and skilled operators to earthworks, major civil infrastructure and mining projects.

In August last year, Allwest launched a new equipment hire business in Canning Vale, in Perth’s south, with Genie machinery central to the new entity’s brand awareness strategy, growth and profitability. Allwest Equipment Hire has launched with a fleet that includes the Genie GS™-1932 scissor lift, GRC™-12 vertical lift, the Genie TZ™34/20 and TZ™-50.

Genie products help Allwest Equipment Hire with brand awareness

“We wanted to start the equipment hire business with highly recognisable products that are sound, robust and can operate in the environment that they want it to work in,” said Simon Jackson, Business Development Manager, Allwest Equipment Hire. “We also wanted to be seen to support a product that people associate with quality.”

Moreover, Allwest Equipment Hire is already considering a fleet expansion. “The Genie trailer mounts have been good for us and our customers. As a consequence, we’re looking to add some taller scissor lifts for rough terrain work and articulated booms up to 50 feet,” said Jackson.

Already Allwest is seeing a decent return on the investment in its Genie equipment. “We have customers with access equipment for hire, however they have smaller fleets than us,” said Jackson. “The self-propelled Genie TZ-50 trailer mounted boom has been particularly popular with smaller hire companies. They are preferring to hire rather than buy this trailer boom and use their CAPEX elsewhere.”

Genie equipment is generating new business

Allwest is also gaining favour with home renovators and builders. “We have our Genie equipment stationed in a high visibility section of the yard, and this is attracting new custom,” said Jackson. “Home builders and renovators are using the smaller scissors such as Genie GS-1932, GS-3246 and the GRC-12 vertical lift.”

Allwest Equipment Hire is also generating leads from existing Allwest Group customers. A customer might come into the yard for a 50 tonne excavator, but if they decide to service the machine themselves, they can also hire a scissor lift. “It’s a case of the big toys creating demand for our small toys,” said Jackson. “On the flipside, we’re also opening up our existing customer base to new products via the equipment hire business.”

All West Plant Hire

Allwest Plant Hire’s machinery has been used on some of WA’s major infrastructure, mining and telecommunication projects, such as the laying of Telstra cable in remote locations and mine exploration sites operated by Rio Tinto, BHP, FMG, Gateway and Elizabeth Quay.


All West Plant Hire