Winter 2016

Genie 360 Support Product Feature: Genie Lift Pro – Machine Specific Operator Training

Thursday 31 March 2016 @ 13:55

Genie is setting a new benchmark for customer service with its ground-breaking Genie 360 Support initiative.

One of the five core aftersales initiatives of Genie 360 Support is Genie Lift Pro, an innovative Verification of Competency (VOC) machine specific training program. It is the first manufacturer endorsed and manufacturer operated training program in the Australian market, according to Malcolm McIntosh – Quality, Training and Tech Support Manager Asia Pacific, Genie. “Genie Lift Pro enables us to provide machine specific operator training on Genie equipment to a worksite,” said McIntosh. “It will give machine operators greater knowledge of our equipment in a productive and safe manner.”

Lifting operator EWP experience

While there is a broad understanding of EWP machines, McIntosh believes there is a strong case for ensuring that all operators have current machine specific training experience.

“With Genie Lift Pro, we will provide operators with the competency to operate all Genie products and it will be the benchmark for operator training.”

Through Genie Lift Pro, McIntosh says operators will understand the safety features of a Genie machine, its unique attributes and how to respond in the unlikely situation that a warning signal is activated.

In terms of the finer detail of Lift Pro, Genie have written and produced training manuals for slab scissor through to super booms, with the onsite training component being delivered by a registered training organisation (RTO). We are partnering with Workplace Training Centre who will provide the authorised Genie assessors to increase the integrity of the training and remove any potential bias.

This partnership has been designed to ensure all recipients meet the requirements for a Genie Lift Pro licence. “There is no one better qualified to show you how to operate a Genie machine than Genie,” said McIntosh.

Customer value

McIntosh, who recently ran a trial Genie Lift Pro session for 60 operators on behalf of diversified services firm UGL Kentz, believes the Genie machine specific training will provide significant value to customers. “If a hire company that uses Genie products tenders for a job on a large site, Lift Pro could assist them in getting the contract,” said McIntosh.

“Genie Lift Pro will also give those hire companies who buy Genie machines and rent them out, the ability to offer seats on a training course, as part of a supply agreement.”

To find out more about the Genie Lift Pro program contact your local sales manager.