Winter 2016

Genie 360 Support Sets New Industry Benchmark for Customer Service

Thursday 31 March 2016 @ 13:45

Genie is revolutionising customer service to give your business the best possible outcomes.

“Driven by industry change and shaped by customer feedback, Genie 360 Support ensures we have a laser-like focus on customer needs. As a complete end-to-end customer service solution, Genie 360 Support will revolutionise the EWP industry,” said Mitch Ely, National Operations Manager, Terex AWP.

Easy access to Genie360 Support with the establishment of a single 1800 number allowing customers to access all five core areas Australia wide is a major initiative. “By calling 1800 788 633 Genie customers will be able to experience Genie 360 Support with ease Australia wide,” said Ely.

Genie 360 Support delivers reduced downtime, increased productivity and the potential for improved returns across five core areas.

Fleet Management Solutions

Genie 360 Support addresses industry requirements to replace or refurbish machines aged 10 years or more.

Two options are provided:


By leveraging its established resales and export channels, Genie 360 Support offers a valuable exit strategy through trade-in programs.


Genie has invested heavily in state-of-the-art heavy maintenance facilities. Genie is also revolutionising the major inspection program by introducing a recently developed process that will improve ROI and reduced downtime. This is done by leveraging a global database to suggest the most efficient inspection routines.

Machine Specific Operator Training via Genie Lift Pro

Genie 360 Support offers machine specific Verification of Competency (VOC) training programs for all Genie equipment via our training arm – Lift Pro. It is the first manufacturer endorsed operator training program in the Australian market.


Genie is the only access equipment manufacturer offering Machine Specific Operator Training to end users. “As part of Genie 360 Support, Lift Pro makes perfect sense as it means your customers will be using the best access equipment in the business, safely and efficiently,” said Ely. “As a consequence, our customers will benefit from enhanced productivity and savings on maintenance costs that flow because they are using the Genie equipment more efficiently."

Genie Genuine Parts, right part, right location

A high rate of parts fill and reduced down time is achieved through:

  • National Parts Centre – Genie customers will have a 12-hour a day parts support service with accelerated response and supply times, reduced freight costs and delivery of genuine Genie parts to any location across Australia.
  • Web portal offers 24/7 access to parts – Genie has tapped into the company’s strong online presence to provide the flexibility and convenience of 24/7 online parts ordering.The web based parts portal also provides the capability for customers' purchase orders to be uploaded for seamless parts ordering and tracking.

Service and Maintenance excellence

Genie 360 Support reflects a commitment to fleet productivity through:

  • Factory trained technicians
  • Latest technology and tooling
  • Field servicing and breakdown service with 24/7 support
  • Scheduled maintenance
  • Warranty support
  • Expert workshop repairs
  • Comprehensive safety and maintenance inspections, and
  • The reassurance of genuine Genie parts

Genie has also added dedicated resources to major inspections, freeing up our field service technicians and providing increased customer support.

Technical Support and Training via Tech Pro

Genie 360 Support incorporates Tech Pro – a suite of three training solutions delivering 24/7 technical support to keep our customers up and running.

  • National Technical Support Centre – This centre will provide expert advice by qualified Genie technicians and offers an afterhours service between 4.30pm to 7.30am, 365 days a year
  • Online technical training – This free and convenient solution is ideal for busy technicians operating within the hire industry.
  • Face to face technical training – Customised training packages are available across Australia.

"Genie 360 Support is all about giving the customer more without additional expense. We anticipate this will be a ground-breaker for the EWP industry in Australia – and will continue to underline the Genie reputation for developing smart end to end solutions, customer experience and aftersales support".

Mitch Ely, National Operations Manager, Terex AWP

Mitch Ely

Genie 360