Autumn 2016

Genie Afterhours Service Reaches for the Sky for Telco Subcontractor

Monday 18 January 2016 @ 09:13

Proving once again that Genie will do whatever it takes for its customers anywhere in Australia, to get them back on the job fast, comes a story from the Central Tablelands of NSW.

On the evening of Friday 4 December last, a subcontracting firm was utilising a Genie® ZX™-135/70, to service and repair a telecommunications tower located in Bathurst, NSW. The boom lift was on lease from Skyreach Group, and the stakes were high for the telco, the contractor and the hire company.

“As it involved a telecommunications tower, it was a high pressure job with tight deadlines – and it was a classic 'the more crucial that nothing goes wrong, the higher the likelihood that it will' scenario”, said Mark van der Palen, National Service Manager, Skyreach Group of Companies. “It was an unlikely combination of errors involving the axle extend circuit combined with the boom in an elevated position.

“We immediately dispatched one of our own technicians to Bathurst. However, unable to resolve the issue due to the nature of the problem and with light fading fast, the decision to bring in Genie was made.”

Familiar with the Genie reputation for industry leading aftermarket support, Mark jumped on the phone to the Genie afterhours support line. The request was immediately escalated directly to Phil McKenzie, the Terex AWP Service Manager, NSW/ACT and NZ. “Phil organised the service team to be onsite in Bathurst first thing Saturday morning and the issue was resolved very quickly,” said Mark. “It was a great result and it demonstrates the level of service that we’ve come to expect from Genie.”

“The Genie service team had the right equipment when they turned up on the site, which helped them to solve the issue very quickly. This satisfied the customer and helped them meet their tight deadlines.”

Mark added, “Genie always seems to go above and beyond for us – and nothing ever appears to be too hard. I’ve found that if I’ve got an issue that is really hitting the wall, any time of the day or night, I can ring Genie, and gets us a winning result.

Image below: Dan Adrichem, Field Service Technician for Genie NSW assisted Skyreach to quickly resolve the issue.

Dan Adrichem