Winter 2016

Genie Celebrates the First Local Sale of the Z-33/18 Boom Lift

Thursday 31 March 2016 @ 13:30

Genie recently celebrated the first sale of the Z-33/18 boom lift in Australia and New Zealand. Access Solutions NZ has purchased the first four units through Genie partner Youngman Richardson & Co.

Perfect for both indoor and outdoor maintenance work, the new electric boom lifts are a welcome addition to Access Solutions NZ fleet. Michael Biddick, Director at Access Solutions NZ is looking forward to his customers’ response to the Z-33/18 boom lift. “The Z-33/18 boom lift has filled a hole in the market here,” he said. “We now have access to a small electric boom lift that is fit for purpose.

“Previously we would have had to fill that gap with a larger boom lift that may not have been ideal for that project.”

Already, Biddick and his team have noticed a great uptake from their customers, with the Z-33/18 boom lift being used in a variety of projects. “In our Christchurch branch, it’s regularly used by outdoor signage providers, while in Auckland we’ve seen it deployed in a variety of indoor maintenance applications. We’ve had a long term partnership with Genie and Youngman Richardson & Co, and the Z-33/18 boom lift is another example of what is a very successful relationship.”

Z-33/18 boom lift is the perfect all-rounder

Kurt Kinder, Terex AWP, Regional Sales Manager QLD/NZ/South Pacific, has identified a growing market application for the Z-33/18 boom lift. “It is the perfect option for customers looking for a light weight boom lift that can handle all types of projects both indoors and out.”

Combining the Genie FastMast™ boom system with zero tail swing and excellent manoeuvrability, the Z-33/18 boom lift is a small footprint, lightweight, electric boom lift that excels in a variety of indoor and outdoor maintenance environments.

“It’s particularly well-suited to shopping centres, airports and warehouse scenarios where its lightweight, small size and working height of up to 12 m, is a real plus,” Kinder says. “Our partners, Youngman Richardson & Co in NZ have done an outstanding job delivering the first sale of the Z-33/18 boom lift in the ANZ region” Kinder added.

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