Autumn 2016

Genie Ramps up Regional Support in Karratha

Monday 18 January 2016 @ 09:14

Underlying its strong commitment to regional business, the Genie team has employed a full-time technician to service its customers and machines operating in Western Australia’s vast Pilbara mining region.

The new technician, Rheece Mengler, who has substantial rental industry experience, is now based at Karratha, enabling him to service neighbouring towns such as Dampier, Wickham, Roebourne and Port Hedland.

The appointment of Rheece has been wellreceived by customers of Genie. “Putting Rheece in place is a great show of support by Genie not only for their products but also as a sign of their support for us,” said Alan Harris, Service Manager - Karratha/North West, Access Hire.

The decision to employ a dedicated technician will also generate significant efficiencies for Access Hire, according to Alan. Where, previously, technicians operated on a ‘fly in/fly out’ needs basis, there is now a dedicated Genie technician in place who is very familiar with the vagaries of doing business in the Pilbara. “Under the old model, we’d be dealing with a different technician every two weeks,” said Alan. “If they were coming from the east, often they had no idea where they were going, or about the vast distances, which can be encountered when operating in the Pilbara.”

“Now with the appointment of Rheece, we have a dedicated Genie technician, with local knowledge, and as a result repair times are now significantly shorter – and by anything up to 4 days shorter. It’s definitely good to have a familiar face around to work with,” added Alan. Paul Greville, Terex AWP Customer Support Manager WA/NT, agreed that having a fulltime presence in Karratha would enhance the customer experience. “Rather than customers having to deal with technicians with varying levels of experience, we now have Rheece in place, who has vast knowledge of the Pilbara, thanks to his five years working with a major rental company in Karratha, and is fully qualified in the operations of our entire product line,” said Paul. “It gives our customers a greater sense of consistency and the confidence that we can deliver speedier repair times.”

“Genie has a strong commitment to regional Australia, while we also recognised that every region, whether it’s the Pilbara in the west, or northern Australia have their own unique characteristics, and by appointing dedicated technicians, we can deliver a more consistent customer experience.