Spring 2016

Genie Z-34/22 Delivers Reliability and Excellent Returns Says Camden Hire

Friday 29 July 2016 @ 10:16

With excellent reliability, the Genie Z-34/22 boom lift is proving a star turn for Western Sydney-based Camden Hire, which leases earthmovers, trucks, lighting, party hire and compaction equipment in addition to its EWP fleet.

“The reliability of the Genie Z-34/22 boom lift is faultless and you’re always assured of finishing a job when you send it out,” said Adam Mulley, Branch Manager – Access Hire Division. “The reliability of the boom, in continuously guaranteeing a job is completed, saves money for our customers and makes money for our business.”

The Genie Z-34/22 boom lift is such a dominant force, it’s used as the generic brand label for the booms in its category, according to Mulley. “Everyone refers to machines in this class as a Genie Z-34/22 boom lift, regardless of manufacturer,” he said. “The boom’s market dominance can be linked to its reliability.”

Camden Hire, named the HRIA’s Rental Company of the Year Award (over $3 million) in 2006, own multiple Genie Z-34/22 boom lifts. “Our Genie Z-34/22 boom lifts are used in rural areas by tree loppers, and for urban projects by electricians, painters and window cleaners,” said Mulley. “The electric models can be used for internal electrical work by shed builders, in warehouses and by security contractors.” The Genie Z-34/22 boom lift is also ideal for confined work spaces at only 1.47 m (58 in) wide with zero tailswing.

High utilisation rates

Camden Hire’s fleet of Genie Z-34/22 boom lifts is achieving high utilisation rates, which reinforces the boom’s strong return on investment. “The machines are working on projects as far south as Albion Park, as far north as Gosford, and west to Lithgow in the NSW Blue Mountains,” said Mulley.

Apart from manufacturing reliable machines, Mulley, said aftermarket service sets Genie apart. “Genie goes above and beyond to help out,” said Mulley. “We had an issue with a 40 ft electric knuckle boom, which Genie went out of its way to fix. In the end, it was not the machine’s fault yet Genie took on the responsibility and returned the machine to work in no time. This is the level of service we’ve come to expect.”

Genie is heavily invested in maintaining excellent lines of communications with its customers. “I speak to the Genie regional sales manager in NSW, Brent Markwell on a regular basis, and the parts division daily,” said Mulley. “With Genie all boxes are ticked.”

Camden Hire