Summer 2016

Maintaining Appearances Onsite

Wednesday 19 October 2016 @ 14:10

The new maintenance protocols for Genie boom and scissor lifts, which are a major initiative associated with the Genie 360 Support program, have been given a significant tick of approval by heavyweight national rental equipment company, Onsite Rental Group.

Onsite logo“There are a bunch of cool things around the new protocols,” says John Glover, National Service Manager, Onsite Rental Group, which has over 30 branches nationwide. “Performance, torque and engine specifications are all in the one spot for booms, which makes it an easy point of reference,” says Glover. “If you need a torque specification or a hydraulic spec, you can go to one single document and it’s all there.

“For those working on the fly and you want to know what a setting or a spec is, you don’t have to go back and look up a machine’s serial number or service manual, it’s all in the protocol document. This generates efficiencies in accessing information as you’re working from a single point of reference."

The new protocols can be accessed from smart phones and tablets, which will prove invaluable to technicians in the field, says Glover. “Technicians don’t need to have a huge number of manuals with them, and the maintenance protocols are now easier to access.”

Extending service checks is a big saving

The new protocols have fine-tuned the maintenance procedures, according to Glover, and will save Onsite money, cut machine downtime and generate more equipment productivity. “There might have been checks that were done quarterly or biannually, and these can now be completed annually,” says Glover. “Some of the requirements for the checks have been extended and this means you save time with your servicing regimes as you’re not doing them as regularly.”

Onsite Rental Group has a policy of conducting safety checks between hires. “This won’t change with the new servicing extensions but not having to do boom ropes and basket overload checks every quarter is a time saving measure,” says Glover. “These new protocols can save an accumulated three hours of servicing time per boom lift, per year.”

Genie 360 Support is all encompassing

A veteran of more than 25 years in the EWP rental industry, Glover believes the new maintenance protocols underline the value proposition Genie 360 Support is delivering to the market. “Genie always strives to deliver top class aftersales service,” he says. “I like Genie as it makes good products, and Genie 360 Support with its VOC training is a good initiative. It is a stepping stone to making sure that from operator training to service training, to making our techs better, it’s all encompassing, and I think that is a good thing for our industry.”