Autumn 2016

New Distributors Announced for Material Lifting Equipment

Monday 18 January 2016 @ 09:13

Genie has forged a new alliance with two retailers to distribute the company’s material lifts and AWP equipment in four states. Customers in Queensland will soon be able to purchase from SSA, while those in Victoria, South Australia and Tasmania will be able to buy from SMS Access Sales.

The lightweight, mobile material lifting equipment has a wide range of uses but is most common in the air-conditioning and building industries, where it’s used for the lifting of materials. The AWP series are easy to use push around lifts which are often used in one person maintenance applications.

According to David Greene, Terex AWP Regional Sales Manager, Victoria and Tasmania, the arrangement will be a boon for customers who are in the access hire business, because the new distributors handle retail sales and not rentals.

“To buy off somebody who is not a competitor to them is a real bonus for our customers,” said David.

Customers in Victoria, South Australia and Tasmania will be in experienced hands with Scott Spackman of SMS Access Sales. “Scott has a very long history in the access game. He knows the rental industry inside out and back to front,” said David.

Spackman hopes that the new alliance with Genie will boost his company’s stock levels, enabling him to provide better service to customers, and that he will be able to offer more competitive pricing. “What I’m hoping to do is give us a more competitive edge in the marketplace,” said Scott.

Kurt Kinder, Terex AWP Regional Sales Manager, Queensland/PNG, called the new Queensland distributor, SSA, “a very professional capital sales company”. He said, “They’re a strong Genie-based company. They know the product like the back of their hand.”

Kurt had high praise for SSA and their abilities to serve customers. “These guys will have product on hand, and they offer ease of business to customers because of their streamlined ordering and payment processes,” said Kurt.

Peter Baxter, Manager, SSA is excited about strengthening his company’s ties with Genie. “Genie make their business more accessible than any other manufacturer that I’ve ever dealt with. Nothing’s a problem for Genie – and if it is, they sort it, and they do it far quicker than any OEM manufacturer we’ve ever dealt with,” said Peter. “They just go that extra mile.