Autumn 2016

New Genie Maintenance Protocol to Streamline Boom Lift Care

Monday 18 January 2016 @ 09:14

Genie has designed a new consolidated maintenance protocol that enables customers to complete the entire program for all Genie® S- and Z- boom lift models in less time.

With this new approach, maintenance procedures are reduced, or even eliminated, to save time and labour costs, according to Mitch Ely, National Operations Manager, Terex AWP.

Even more significantly, the new maintenance protocols provide the flexibility rental store owners need to keep their equipment on rent longer while making routine tasks a priority. “We realise that our customers have limited time to take care of maintenance tasks between rentals,” said Mitch. “To make completing routine tasks more manageable, Genie has designed a new approach to maintenance that condenses procedures into one manual for the entire boom family, and has extended service intervals, so the whole process is easier and takes less time to complete.”

Previously, Genie offered 24 separate manuals to help customers maintain their boom lift equipment. With the new maintenance protocol, all of this information is condensed into one, easy-to-use manual. The one-stop maintenance manual, which comes in hard copy and digital format, contains complete performance specifications, and a streamlined list of maintenance tasks to ensure that every Genie boom lift spends less time in the shop and more time out on rent.

In addition, the new protocol includes extended service intervals recommendations. Many periodic procedures for example, have moved from quarterly and semi-annually to annually. Commissioning has changed, too. Rather than performing some of the tasks at the 30- hour mark and some at 50 hours or longer, now all of the commissioning assignments are set for 50 hours and 150 hours. “Our new protocol will reduce boom maintenance by 10 hours annually and up to a 25 percent reduction in service resources per boom,” added Mitch. “That’s some real savings.”

The new Genie protocol also standardises maintenance processes across the entire Genie boom family product line, with more product families to follow suit in 2016.


Download the new manual for Genie S- and Z-boom lifts at or order a hard copy using service part number 1268489.