Spring 2015

Niche Product Commands High Rental Rates: Genie® GS™-4047 Scissor Lift

Wednesday 15 July 2015 @ 16:58


Recently introduced to the Australian market, the Genie GS™–4047 scissor lift has become a must-have for businesses requiring a small footprint lift that is suitable for multiple applications, from warehouse maintenance to construction sites.

“Having a zero inside turn radius, combined with its compact size, makes the Genie GS-4047 scissor lift ideal for warehouse management,” says Kurt Kinder, Terex AWP Regional Sales Manager QLD. “It’s suited for commercial spaces, such as shopping centres or airports, where high ceilings require a machine that can work at height. It’s also perfect across a number of construction scenarios.

“Being the first of the smaller footprint 40ft-plus machines in the Genie fleet gives the GS-4047 scissor lift a really strong rental demand and ROI. It’s a really exciting offering in the Australian market,” says Kinder.

The GS-4047 lift can be driven while at its fully extended working height of 45 feet (13.7 metres) and has an impressive 350 kg, three people lift capacity. Its scissor stack goes to the centre of the working platform, which gives greater stability when working at height.

Serviceability is also a key feature of this machine. “The GS-4047 includes our Genie Smartlink diagnostic system, which makes the machine ‘plug and play’ when it comes to servicing,” says Kinder. “It includes a swing-out battery box, and 90% of the parts are interchangeable with others in the Genie slab scissor lift range.”

Ken Baker from Queensland hire company Height4Hire has seen the benefits of adding the machine to his fleet. “We started with one machine and now have four in total. It’s been a really good fit with our business and has a range of uses with customers, particularly across construction sites with a high roof requirement,” Baker says.