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Genie® Equipment Excels In Mining Segment

Monday 15 July 2013 @ 15:15

Genie® Equipment Excels In Mining Segment


Mine sites in Australia are regarded as being amongst the most severe work sites imaginable. Extreme heat, dust, torrential rain plus high humidity ensure that only the very best engineered aerial work platforms survive.

Genie is a market leading global brand that is rapidly winning an ever growing band of advocates in the mining industry. Most relevant to the mining application are the range of Genie® boom and scissor lifts.

Moreover, with the number of units put to work in remote locations, Genie has stepped up to the plate with a true national service and technical support programme.


Genie® GS™-4069 RT

In the demanding mining environment where rough terrain applications demand an aerial work platform that can excel, the new Genie GS-4069 RT has the credentials. Uneven ground and boggy conditions are just the domain where the Genie GS-4069 RT model excels.

Available in 26’, 33’ and 40’ heights, the new GS-69 RT series offers full drive-height for all models.

“The new features on the Genie GS-4069 RT are making this model very popular and it is in high demand on Australian mine sites,” said Brad Lawrence, General Manager of Terex Aerial Work Platforms (AWP) in Australia.

“These rough terrain scissor lifts have increased platform space plus increased lifting capacity. It’s a win-win on the work site.”

The active oscillating axle is designed so that all wheels remain on the ground to deliver superior traction even on undulating surfaces. This is standard on all models and adds to the versatility of each unit. This makes the Genie GS-69 RT series a smooth operator inside a processing plant, while still being a rugged performer outside on the work site.

Auto-levelling outriggers deliver exceptional productivity by providing levelling capability of 5.3°/4.2° from front to back and 11.7° side to side. At the touch of the controls, the outriggers can simultaneously be activated to level the unit.



Genie® S™-85

The Genie S-85 telescopic boom lift offers greater horizontal outreach than any other type of aerial work platform. This is perfect in applications where there is limited access, such as in situations like building maintenance or structural steel projects.

The Genie S-85 boasts an impressive range. It can reach a working height of 27.91m and outreach to 23.32m as well as the capability to reach below ground level, to a maximum of 2.90 m.

This is a self-propelled diesel driven telescopic boom with considerable productivity benefits. This model has a lift capacity of 227 kg with the platform capable of rotating 160° horizontally. Most impressive is the turntable rotation which can rotate through 360° continuously.

With the boom extended the Genie S-85 has a drive speed of 1.1 km/h. With the boom stowed the drive speed is an impressive 5.4 km/h.

“Telescopic booms are becoming ever more popular in the Australian mining industry,” said Brad Lawrence.

“The Genie S-85 is a particularly versatile boom lift offering the dual benefits of height and outreach. And with its lift capacity combined with range of motion it is a very popular model in rigging and maintenance situations.”

More remarkable is the compact size of the base unit. It has a wheelbase of 2.85 m and a width of 2.49 m and operates without extendable axles. With the jib tucked under for transportation, the Genie S-85 measures 11.60 m long.

Further information about Genie® aerial work platforms can be obtained from Terex AWP Australia on 1800 788 633. Terex AWP Australia has its main office in Brisbane, with full sales and service branch offices located in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth and Adelaide.



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