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New Genie® maintenance schedules slash costs by up to 25%

Wednesday 14 September 2016 @ 00:00


Public Relations Contact: Anthony O’Brien
Phone: +61 411 578 818

Brisbane, Queensland (14 September 2016) - Genie Australia, a market leader in Australia’s Aerial Work Platforms (AWP) industry, has introduced a raft of consolidated maintenance protocols, as part of its innovative Genie 360 Support program, that will potentially reduce the maintenance costs of a Genie scissor or boom lift by up to 25%.

“Genie 360 Support takes care of every aspect of our customer’s AWP needs from initial sales and service through to technical support, operator training, and maintenance,” said Mitch Ely, Genie National Operations Manager, Terex AWP.

“By carefully scrutinising the maintenance criteria on Genie machines, analysing their operating histories, warranty data, customer feedback, design criteria and overall performance of a particular machine class, we have reduced some of our maintenance requirements.

“These schedule amendments will save money for our customers, slash down time in the workshop and generate more productivity, which is what Genie 360 Support is all about.

“For example, 250 hours was a standard trigger for an engine service for all Genie elevated work platforms. After reviewing engine performance data, we were comfortable with extending this service interval out to 500 hours. For customers with large Genie fleets their return on investment will be increased due to less parts expenditure and improved utilisation.”

Similarly, the requirement for hydraulic oil replacement was every 2 years, a procedure, which can be costly for rental companies, according to Ely. Under the new schedule, Genie is recommending the replacement of hydraulic oil only as required.

“Likewise some of our products operate reduction hubs in the wheels. Previously, the reduction hub oil was changed annually. Now it’s changed every two years,” he said.

“By extending certain parts of our maintenance schedules, we are reducing maintenance running costs by up to 25% and reducing hours off the time the machines are out of action in workshops.”

As part of the ongoing AWP leader’s commitment to continuous improvement, Genie separated the maintenance requirements from the service manuals and consolidated these into one maintenance manual for boom and scissors respectively, said Ely.

“The decision to consolidate the manuals and extend service schedules reflects the Genie focus on continuous improvement, which the company lives and breathes by.

“We apply lean principles to everything we do, and consolidating of our maintenance requirements into one maintenance handbook, is a perfect example of the Genie customer value proposition in action.”


Genie technician checking engine during scheduled maintenance

Genie service technician inspecting hydraulic hoses during scheduled maintenance

Technician preparing to check system pressure on Genie boom during scheduled maintenance