Spring 2016

Reaching for the Sky with Genie Tech Pro Training

Friday 29 July 2016 @ 11:33

As part of Genie 360 Support, the innovative, holistic, end-to-end customer service solutions, the Genie Tech Pro Training program, a suite of effective technical support and solutions, was showcased at the HRIA’s recent Hire16 conference on the Gold Coast.

“Genie Tech Pro is a major pillar of Genie 360 Support, and it is a crucial part of our industry-leading aftersales service, which we have always prided ourselves on,” said Malcolm McIntosh, Genie Quality, Training and Technical Support, Manager, Asia/Pacific, Terex AWP.

One customer to leap at the opportunity to test the Genie Tech Pro Training difference was Brisbane-based Skyreach. “The training came about after I spoke to Mark Van der Palen, National Service Manager at Skyreach, about Genie Tech Pro Training at Hire16,” said McIntosh. “Skyreach is a long-term customer and Genie Tech Pro Training is part of our ongoing service to them.”

Flexibility with Genie Tech Pro Training

Genie Tech Pro Training sold itself to Van der Palen, according to McIntosh. “We were able to tailor the training to Skyreach’s needs,” he said. “We can tailor Genie Tech Pro Training from half day sessions to full week programs, depending on the needs of technicians.

“The training modules vary in length according to the machine family, and we have developed flexible training modules from off-hire procedures to machine inspections and in-depth trouble shooting.”

Alastair Mitchell, Genie Training Manager, Australia, Terex AWP, led the Skyreach Genie Tech Pro Training. This included training sessions at Skyreach’s Caboolture and Yatala branches in Brisbane, as well as in Cairns and Townsville. “The Skyreach technicians were trained on Genie scissors and diesel booms,” said Mitchell. “We tailored the Genie Tech Pro Training sessions in consultation with Mark Van der Palen to match the schedules and requirements of the Skyreach technicians, which will be ongoing.”

Meeting expectations

Van Der Palen said that as a customer, Genie Tech Pro Training has lived up to his expectations. “We really like that the Genie training comes to our locations,” he said. “We are looking to roll it out to our branches in Melbourne next.”

While it’s too early to gauge the impact of Genie Tech Pro Training at Skyreach, however, Van der Palen said “knowledge is power”. He added: “If the technicians are empowered to diagnose issues faster, and have a better understanding of the systems, it will pay dividends in terms of customer satisfaction, faster response and repair times.

Genie Tech Pro Training will present some added benefits too, according to Van der Palen. “It frees up the Genie technical support team to help more customers,” he said. “They won’t get as many questions that previously tied
them up. It’s win-win for everyone.”

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