Summer 2016

Swift Hire Starts With Genie

Wednesday 19 October 2016 @ 14:40

With only a few months of trading behind them, New Zealand start-up company Swift Hire is feeling very confident about their future prospects.

Based in an industrial area south of Auckland the company, Swift Hire, with its fleet of scissor lifts it purchased from Genie distributor, Youngman Richardson & Co Ltd, is already starting to see the value of acquiring good quality equipment from the get go.

Acting on some good sound advice to ‘go with the best,’ Owners Aaron Beard and Mark Gregory decided to launch with a range of Genie machines. “Although it came down to two superior brands, in the end going with Genie became a no brainer,” said Swift Hire’s Aaron Beard. “Our business plan is to develop long-term customer relationships. This can only be achieved with good service and a good quality product, which is exactly how we want to be seen in the marketplace.”

Youngman Richardson & Co Ltd, the New Zealand distributor for Genie, played a big part in getting the order secured. This result can also be attributed to Youngman Richardson’s reputation and a strong commitment to customer support. Beard and Gregory identified this as a big plus. It also helped that both Swift Hire founders have hire backgrounds and have worked previously with Youngman Richardson. This combination of factors proved enough to seal the deal.

Launching with Genie scissor lifts

To start their fleet Swift Hire settled on the GS-1932 and the GS-3246 scissor lifts as its preferred options. Genie is known for its performance, reliability, serviceability and value, but according to Beard, it’s the onboard diagnostics that really sets them apart. “The ability to be able to troubleshoot with the operator and make adjustments on the spot is one thing. The other is the fact that we can plug our laptops into the machine to find out what the machine has been up to is another benefit. This to our way of thinking makes them ideal for the hire industry.”

Swift Hire is already looking to its future expansion beyond the scissor lifts. According to Beard, market feedback will be important to making those decisions, but it appears likely that Youngman Richardson & Co Ltd and Genie will figure in those plans.

Kurt Kinder, Terex AWP Regional Sales Manager, QLD, NZ and South Pacific, said Beard and Gregory have been around the industry for many years and have recognised that Genie offers great service backup and reliability. “This is the reason that Swift have chosen to partner with Genie,” said Kinder. “New hire companies come to us for advice, but it’s our level of ongoing support that helps give them the best possible start.”