Summer 2015

UpHire Becomes One of Australia’s Largest Suppliers of Genie® SX-180 Boom Lifts

Wednesday 21 October 2015 @ 15:26

With UpHire taking delivery of a new Genie SX-180 boom lift, the Penrith-based access equipment company has become one of the largest suppliers of SX-180 boom lifts in Australia and New Zealand, with its fleet of these boom lifts now numbering three.

Presently, all Genie SX-180 boom lifts on UpHire’s books are spoken for, with two of them working at Port Botany, and the third working at the massive Inpex LNG construction project in Darwin. The three Genie lifts are contracted at their respective locations until the end of 2015.

So, what is it about the Genie SX-180 boom lift that particularly appeals to UpHire? According to managing director Nigel McKinley, there were a number of good reasons to go with this unique machine. A key one is its extensive range of motion. “We needed a machine with an operating weight of 340 kg throughout its entire working envelope, and the Genie SX-180 boom lift is the only high reaching boom on the market with such a capability.

“At Port Botany, amongst other uses, the Genie SX-180 boom lift can carry two construction workers at a time to the top of the three new cranes presently being built, and at the Inpex site there are any number of construction applications the Genie SX-180 boom lift is being put to."

When UpHire took delivery of its first Genie SX-180 boom lift in mid-2015, it was immediately put to use at Darling Harbour Live, a major reconstruction of Sydney’s western harbour. The first self-propelled boom lift on site to reach 180 feet, it worked together with a 350 tonne crane in steel erection. At the completion of that job, the Genie SX-180 boom lift was moved to its present job in crane construction at Port Botany.

“The Genie SX-180 boom lifts have been working well for us, we’re pleased to have the three of them in our fleet,” said Nigel. “These machines have unique capabilities that fit a market need, particularly for getting two workers at a time to very high places.

“As for the question of ‘Have they lived up to our expectations?’ The answer is yes, definitely."