Congratulations to the newest members of the Genie SX-180 club who enjoyed a smooth ride during the 2015 HRIA convention in Adelaide. All went to 180 ft and appreciated the stunning view from the fully extended self-propelled boom lift.

Brenton Allen

Brenton Allen

Jeff Bernard

Jeff Bernard

David Brown

David Brown

Grant Curtin

Grant Curtin

Sandra Davis

Sandra Davis

Emma Carney

Emma Carney

Jason Harvey

Jason Harvey

Chris Honeybul

Chris Honeybul

Kevan Jarvis

Kevan Jarvis

Andrew Lane

Andrew Lane

Daryl Leishman

Daryl Leishman

Ray Little

Ray Little

Mal Mcintosh

Mal Mcintosh

Hugh McKenzie

Hugh McKenzie

Matthew Owen

Matthew Owen

Shivani Parikh

Shivani Parikh

Ryan Thomas

Ryan Thomas

Chris Walker

Chris Walker

Keith Ward

Keith Ward


Shivani Parikh