Genie Celebrated 21 Years in Australia with the Launch of the new Xtra Capacity™ S®-85 XC™ Telescopic Boom Lift

Celebrating 21 years in Australia, Genie welcomed 215 of the best and brightest from the AWP industry, at this year’s annual Genie Customer Appreciation Night,  held at Brisbane’s iconic Archerfield Speedway.

The event ran in parallel with HIRE18, the HRIA’s annual convention, held on May 30-31 at the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre.

At HIRE18, Genie presented the new Genie S®-85 Xtra Capacity (XC) telescopic boom, designed to perform in heavy-lifting applications.

With the ability to perform a wider range of heavier lift tasks on construction and industrial job sites, the Genie telescopic S-85 XC boom now offers a dual lift capacity of 300 kg (660-lb) unrestricted and 454 kg (1,000-lb) restricted.

At the event Genie presented the new Genie Lift Guard Contact Alarm prototype for slab scissors and vertical mast lifts, which alerts operators, occupants and ground personal to potential hazards when working at height.

The keynote speaker at the Customer Appreciation Night, Jim Barr, a significant contributor to the Genie narrative in Australia over the last 21 years, reconfirmed the Genie commitment to maintaining the successful partnerships of the last 21 years into the future.

“Successful partnerships are based on many things, but there are some ‘core items’ such as respect, consistency,and continuity that are non-negotiable. We will continue to deliver on what we promise, will always bring value to the table and will always show up.”

Jim Barr
Terex Australia AWP

Genie® Customer Appreciation Night Proves Fast and Furious

29th May 2018

The annual Genie® Customer Appreciation Night held in late May is easily the hottest event on the AWP social calendar, and this year’s event didn’t disappoint with several significant highlights.

The event headliners included hot-laps in souped-up drift cars synonymous with hit Hollywood franchise Fast and the Furious, a Q&A with one of Australia’s greatest V8 racing superstars and Terex CEO and President, John Garrison.

Hosted by Jim Barr, Genie Vice President,and General Manager, Asia Pacific, Terex AWP,the Customer Appreciation Night was held at Brisbane’s iconic Archerfield Speedway and attracted 215 of the best and brightest from the AWP industry in Australia.