Genie® Lift

With three base models and many accessories to choose from, the Genie Lift (GL) is ideal for all your material handling needs.

The Genie Lift is well suited for lifting heavy material to or from shelves, installing and repairing HVAC components, lifting and moving automotive parts, shipping/receiving and other manufacturing applications.

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Genie Lift

your Lift

Choose from three bases to customize the Genie Lift for your job!

Genie Lift - Straddle Base

Straddle Base

Adjustable base legs straddle loads or fixed objects up to 91 cm (36 in) wide. Perfect for lifting small pallets, appliances and other bulky objects.

GL-4 GL-8 GL-10 GL-12

Genie Lift - Counterweight Base

Counterweight Base

Short leg length lets you get close to your load. Excellent for accessing loads on countertops or shelves above fixed objects. Designed for use on level surfaces

GL-4 GL-8 GL-10

Genie Lift - Standard Base

Standard Base

Compact design allows you to lift and maneuver in congested work areas. Great for general lifting and material delivery. Low loading height.

Why choose a Genie Lift?

Compact Design

Compact, Maneuverable Design

The telescoping aluminum frame design makes the unit extremely compact. Plus, the durable steel forks can be reversed for greater flexibility. In addition, the winch handle is reversible, and a hold-down mechanism secures the carriage for easy transport and storage.


Platform for Load Handling

The optional load platform fits easily over forks to handle odd-shaped loads and can also be used as a portable work table.


Boom for Added Versatility 

The boom option turns your Genie Lift into a vertical crane or hoist capable of lifting up to 95 to 227 kg (500 lbs) with up to 51 cm (20 in) of reach.


Ladder for Increased Access

Attaching the sturdy aluminum ladder accessory makes your Genie Lift a combination lift truck and stepladder for increased access to lifting and installation tasks. (Available on standard and straddle base models). The standard winch can be used while the ladder is in use or stowed.


Wheels and Casters

20 cm (8 in) non-marking rear wheels and 5 cm (2 in), front-swivel casters are standard on the standard and straddle base models. 12 cm (5 in) rear-swivel casters with side brakes and fixed 10 cm (4 in) front wheels are standard on the counterweight base model. Optional pneumatic rear tyres and foot-release brake available (standard and straddle base only).

Choose from three bases to customize the Genie Lift for your job — it can be used as a hand truck, forklift or dolly for increased versatility and value.

Need more help? Contact your local authorized Genie Material Lifts distributor on 1800 788 633.