Offering uncompromising productivity, reliability and serviceability, this boom lift provides industry-leading capacity with a full working envelope. The new SX-150 boom lift is a great fit for construction, maintenance, telecommunications, gas and oil refineries, chemical maintenance, and large utility applications.

Genie continues to answer customer needs by adding value to our Super Boom product line with the SX-150 boom lift. This boom lift is a “versatile workhorse” that is tremendously durable for challenging environments and is a cost effective choice to reach challenging jobsite applications.

Offering excellent productivity benefits, the SX-150 boom lift reaches its full platform height of 46.33 m (152 ft) in under three minutes. The boom offers four programmable height settings of 45.72 m (150 ft), 41.15 m (135 ft), 36.58 m (120 ft) and 30.48 m (100 ft) for rental versatility, and a 3.05 m (10 ft) horizontal and vertical rotating jib allows for quick local repositioning of the platform. With a horizontal outreach of 24.38 m (80 ft), this boom also offers 21.34 m (70 ft) of outreach at 36.58 m (120 ft) of platform height. The SX-150 boom lift provides unrestricted range of motion with a lift capacity of 340 kg (750 lbs) for a maximum of two people.


“Genie® products are known for their serviceability, and the SX-150 boom lift is no exception. This product was designed with the service technician in mind,”

Brad Lawrence
General Manager Terex AWP Australia

SX-150 Features





Easy to Service

The SX-150 boom lift is designed so that all of the important components and systems are easy to access for maintenance. The manifolds offer easy wrench access while a swing out engine tray provides easy service for maintenance access. The boom features easy to reach hydraulic filters, with a drop-in, in-tank filter for easy cleaning and replacement, as well as bulk-headed hydraulic lines to be removed and replace hoses in one piece. A boom extend system features a cylinder and wire rope cartridge for fast service or replacement.


Built to last

The boom uses an identical, field-proven chassis design to the SX-180 and ZX-135 boom lifts. External sensors and manifolds are protected under steel covers that are easily removed providing excellent service access. The rotating jib worm drive reduces backlash while increasing reliability and offers 60 degrees of horizontal motion for increased working area. The SX-150 boom lift contains hydraulic hard lines wherever possible to increase durability while a four stage hydraulic filtration system ensures cleanliness.




XChassis System

Our unique XChassis system both extends and retracts, allowing the SX-150 boom lift to provide excellent stability in a profile narrow enough for transport on a standard trailer without requiring over-width or over-height permits.

The new Genie SX-150 boom lift offers uncompromising productivity, reliability and serviceability.